Monday, June 6, 2016

Your One Way Ticket

chorus-You got your one way ticket to heaven today, you got your wings today. You finally had enough and said goodbye to the world. I can't cry because it's over, I have to smile because of the moments we had. The late conversations, and the early good mornings.
verse one-Saying goodbye was the hardest thing for me to do. You taking your life was the hardest thing to deal with. Seeing your face in my dreams and waking up knowing it wasn't real it was just a dream. I wish that day was just a dream, and I could see you again just once.
Repeat chorus 2x
Verse two- seeing your casket in the front of the room killed me a little bit inside. Knowing your really gone, and I can't say I love you and hear it come back out of your mouth. I lay awake at night just waiting for your texts, the phone rings and I rush to get it but it isn't you. A tear runs down my face, because I know it will never be you to text me again.
Repeat chorus 1x
verse three-  Now your six feet under, my life isn't the same without you. I sit next to you in the cemetery, talking away letting you know that I still care and know you are with me. As I listen to the wind blow, I know it's you comforting me, one of the stars in the night ski is you twinkling above me letting me know you will always be there watching down on me making sure I know I have a guardian angel leading me in the right direction.
Repeat chorus 3x   (speaking it the 3 time)


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